Most airlines now require your full first name, middle name (if you have one) and surname. These must be provided exactly as they appear on your passport, otherwise, boarding may be denied.

Advance Passenger Information (API/APIs)

Some governments require you to provide personal information from your passport, before travel. We will advise you if this is required.

Booking Conditions

When you book, you will be asked if you have read and understood the Booking Conditions and Essential Information. You will find that a great deal of useful information is included within it. We really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Fitness & Ability

You must be sufficiently fit and healthy to be able to take part in all included elements of the tour.


Please leave adequate time to obtain all visas and make sure you have enough space in your passport for stamps.

Travel Insurance

Is mandatory for all customers on all Tours for Churches Tours

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Must be declared to your Travel Insurers.